Per (through) + Fumum (smoke)

PERFVMVM means ‘through the smoke’ in Latin and is a brand started from the word root of Perfume.

It pursues the essence of perfume that was meant to be presented to God

with the noble materials with the true heart of making.

Artistic & Stylish #01

The fragrance created

from artistic inspiration,

is completed

into sensual style.

Atelier of Perfumer #02

Perfumer's atelier where

a journey to the scents starts,

a journey to the future

starts along with memories.

Originality #03

Rare perfume,

born from the hands of artisan,

reads as one of a kind.

Modern & Classic - Timeless #04

The classic of fragrance,

remains forever

with the modern sense.

Fragrant Moments & Fragrant Life #05

Portrait of fragrant life &

fragrant moments for

fragrant people.